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   It is a sad fact: The dominance of instant soup, T.V. dinners, and microwave ovens has stripped American society of its kitchen skills. Sure, one or two members of a generation MIGHT be able to boil water AND heat pop-tarts at the same time, but they are the rare exceptions. Most people have trouble passing home-ec now, and couldn't boil an egg if their lives depended on it.

Things are about to change.

    Starting now, we intend to remedy this problem. This section is devoted to the long lost art of making a meal for YOURSELF. The recipes found here have simple instructions, tell you exactly what hardware you will need, and also explain WHY the recipe in question is worth learning. If that isn't enough, each recipe is guaranteed to have at least 3 servings of the tastiest humor you've ever seen on your computer screen! Want more? We're also offering you the self-respect that comes with knowing you can actually turn a hunk of raw meat into something edible WITHOUT having to go work for the 'clown under the golden arches. What more could you ask for (besides your own personal chef)?

The doughboys don't have a retirement plan - and know what happens to those who ask for one.

Kitchen Contents
Drink List (Complete)
Hot Buttered Rum
Meals (Complete)
Ultimate Meat Loaf
Equipment (Complete)
Stove / Oven
Measuring Cup
Desserts (Complete)
Gingersnap Cookies


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