A simple, elegant measuring cup. Perfect in all ways.

    There are things out there that you do not know - nay, that you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. Why? Because they would alter the very foundations of your reality. Never the less, you MUST KNOW them, or else you are living a lie. Here is the fantasy: That you have cups in your cupboard. Here is the reality: most of the cups in your cupboard DO NOT HOLD EXACTLY ONE CUP.
    I hear your cries of dismay. "How is this possible?" you ask. I don't know. It has been going on longer than I've been alive; a lie perpetuated by generations of men in black suits looking to hide the truth. "How can I protect myself?" you say. That I can answer: get yourself a measuring cup and FIND OUT THE TRUTH.
    Measuring cups are, in fact, cups with marks on them that tell how full they are. Fill them with liquid and you know EXACTLY how much you have. Beware imitation measuring cups which DO NOT have measuring lines on them - these are not true measuring cups, and should not be used when cooking unless there is no other option. Do not perpetuate the lie!

These LOOK like cups, but are they really? Something tells me MacDonalds got these from cheap labor in Asia, which means they probably aren't OFFICIAL CUPS!
Though she's had a long day of sorting through junk mail, Hokey is always ready to spring into action when there are impostor cups to be fought!

It only takes Hokey's supernatural senses seconds to figure out which vessels are "fake" cups and need to be destroyed. She pounces on them, and decides to destroy them the only way she knows how: BY EATING THEM.

Uh-OH! Hokey's found ANOTHER cup-like vessel. Is this one legit?

IT IS! Her work done, Hokey decides to take a nap next to the official cup so that she can protect it from the notorious Garfield Gang. Will she succeed? Stay tuned!

Where to buy:

    Pretty much anywhere. Your local mall probably has a cookware store in it with designer measuring cups, but Meier's and Walmart carry ones that are just as good. I prefer clear glasses so that I can see the actual fill-line, but your tastes may vary.

Amazon.com shopping:

This is a simple, cheap, 1 and 1/2 cup liquid measure. It is clear so that you can see EXACTLY how much you are pouring. Very nice, especially for this price!

Here is a stainless steel measuring cup with a plastic window in it. For this price, the window should probably be made out of glass. Still, it had a decent design!

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