According to this morbid-looking device, our time is up!

    Time. Once it is gone, you can never get it back. That is why it is so important to KEEP TRACK of time while cooking - because once the proper amount of time has past, all you are doing is destroying the recipes you are trying to make. Do yourself a favor and invest in an inexpensive egg timer or learn how to properly use the ones you have.

This stove has a timer set for ten minutes on it. Can your stove do that?

This microwave oven control panel lets you use the microwave as a timer instead of just a home radiation therapy kit.

Sure, you can use a timer to build a bomb - but is that really the best use of your talents? Wouldn't you rather make cookies instead?

Where to buy:

    Pretty much anywhere. Remember that some timers ring 1 MINUTE before the desired stop time, so make sure you read the package to see what type of timer you are buying. Good luck!. shopping:

A digital kitchen timer with a large face, making it easy to read.

A simple bell timer that doesn't require batteries AND is inexpensive.

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