Links - Where Does Microsoft NOT Want You To Go Today?


Elmore: The Official Web Site - The official website of renowned fantasy artist Larry Elmore.
Melencolia: The Artwork of Janet Chui - An on-line gallery of Janet Chui's fantasy artwork.

Entertainment Sites:

Electronic Whore - NOT Porno. Jacquie and friends bring their unique view of the world to the web for us to enjoy.
X-Entertainment- Again, NOT Porno. This is one of the best Generation X retro-humor sites on the web. Highly recommended.
CNN.Com - Of all the "major" news networks, this one (in my opinion) has the best news website. If you MUST read the mainstream news, this is probably the best source.
The Register - Humor-filled Brit reporters bring us the news, mainly focusing on the computer industry.
Reuters - Get your news from where the networks get theirs! No, not the Associated Press.. REUTERS!


Eric Noah's DND Website - The Official Unofficial home of Dungeons and Dragons on the net. News, information, and sourcebook downloads make this one of the best D&D sites on the net.
The Red Dragon's Dragonlance Area - A number of useful Dragonlance RPG netbooks and downloads.

Stores:  - Tired of malls and stores that don't have what you want? Amazon is THE PLACE for you. Huge selection, decent discounts, and no lines.
Homebrew Heaven - One of the best "home brewing" stores on the internet. They have everything you need to brew your own beer, mead, and other alcoholic beverages.
Southern Ordnance - These guys sell everything from lock picks to grappling hooks and even sword canes. Perfect for the secret agent or just the curious!
The Original Hamsterdance - One of my all-time favorite sites, I like just leaving it on the desktop while I work.
LuvKitty's Castle: Valentine's Day Bash - There are warped sites, and then there are WARPED sites. If you like cats and craziness, visit this site!
Robot Frank's Life - Ever dream that you had a cool robot that lived with you and was your best friend? This is the nightmare version of that dream.

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