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01/22/02 - By Markup

Gaming Year in Review

    I've posted my 2001 Year in Review (Gamer's Perspective) piece for you all to enjoy. See what I liked, hated, and thought should be the Best MMORPG of the YEAR! You can find it buried here:


04/27/01 - By webmaster

Not So "Back" as We Thought!

    Here's the story: First, we weren't picked up by the search engines. Then, after mid-January when we were, the market had completely dropped out of internet advertising.. so there was no money (like there was ever a lot! ;). In short, things died all over the net, and we were one of them. Though there will still be new articles and recipies, I've pretty much decided to focus on other projects and keep this for my "personal" space. The projects of friends as well as some of my own twisted works will appear on the site, but don't expect weekly updates. Check back once a month and you should be happily suprised!

12/29/00 - By webmaster

Back From the Holidays!

    Yes, we're all back from the holidays, so get ready for more of your favorite WARPED material! Also, some of you may have already noticed that Acidic has been added to the staff, while Burn has gone on hiatus. Please give Acidic a warm, warped welcome to make him feel at home. Thanks!

12/22/00 - By webmaster

Schoolhouse Rock Died Today

    Thomas G. Yohe, the legendary creator of the Schoolhouse Rock edumercials on ABC, died today, December 22nd, 2000. His educational anthems such as "Conjunction Junction" and "I'm Just a Bill" not only helped to enlighten a generation, but also became theme songs for many Gen X activities. This holiday season just got a little less festive with his passing, but we will ALWAYS remember his creations with a smile and a nod. Rock on, Thomas! Your work will not be forgotten!

See http://www.cnn.com/2000/SHOWBIZ/TV/12/22/yohe.ap/index.html for the complete story.

12/22/00 - By Markup

Netscape 6 is a Pile of Crap!

    Yes, you read it right. I've finally uttered the words that I never thought would come from my lips: Internet Explorer is superior to Netscape. How is this possible? Read on to find out.

    For those of you that don't know, I've been a huge fan of the Netscape browser for years. Where as "Microsloth's" Internet Explorer was a bloated piece of garbage with "intuitive" features that constantly distorted what I wanted to do, Netscape simply did what I told it to. When I create entries for this webpage, I do them in Netscape Composer (v4.75), transfer them over to a text editor such as Word or Editor to add special html code, and then I upload them. I've been doing it this way for years, and I see no reason to switch to IE, Frontpage, or any other MS pork-program in the near future.

    What I do need, though, is the ability to get mail from multiple e-mail accounts (Adding my warpbreach.com addy to my list of pops to check was the last straw). So when Netscape came out with a version of its browser that WOULD track multiple e-mail accounts, I snapped it up and installed it. Heck, I went so far as to uninstall NS 4.75 because of space concerns. That, alas, is a move I will regret for a long time.

    NETSCAPE 6 IS A PILE OF CRAP! Not only does it take forever to load up when first starting, it is buggy. REALLY buggy. When I decided to edit one of my older articles in it, I was shocked to find that the SAVED VERSION WHICH GOT POSTED was FULL OF ERRORS. Spaces had been deleted, creating fun words like "foritto workproperly" and "alotmorethan". WTF? And why were all of the color settings changed the moment I save it?! I'm not even going to ask about the program NEVER opening to a fully visible window instead of one part way off the screen. I'm not even going to ask why clicking "get messages" doesn't get messages for all of my accounts - I'll just remain blissfully ignorant and use Internet Explorer from now on.

    On a final note, let me just say that the fall of Netscape shouldn't have come as a big shock to me. I mean, Netscape is now owned by the only major company that can create more bloated software than Microsoft - AOL. Did I really think that the same company that forces their customers to use one of the WORST front-ends out there would make a decent browser? Yes, I did.. but I shouldn't have. I see that now.

12/10/00 - By Burn

Attention, Geeks: Microsoft Screws Up Another Software Franchise.

    Today's rant is about everyone's favorite megacorporation: Microsloth! Our story begins with a small company (FASA) that had a great idea (a game centered around giant robotic combat called Battletech). Wanting money, FASA decided they could live without the computer game rights to their roleplaying and strategy games, and sold them to Microsloth. Microsloth wanted said rights because they were completely unoriginal bastards who couldn't think up a game on their own, so they just bought up everyone else's and stuck their label on them.

    The result, of course, is the same as everything else Microsloth does: a mediocre copy of something great. It happened with the Windows operating system (which copied Macintosh), it continued with games such as Flight Simulator (which stopped being groundbreaking the moment Microsloth took it over), and it remains today with Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance. Or is it Vengance? Microsloth can't decide, either, so they spell it both ways on the packaging. Great quality control, isn't it?

    I *WISH* the problems with this game were just in the title. If you've seen me without a spell checker, you know that I really don't care what letters are in a word so long as someone can grasp the general concept (KAT forever, baby!). But besides having good graphics, the game lacks EVERYTHING else. Piloting a 100 ton walking battlemech feels like you're riding around in a BMW rather than lumbering along like a drunk t-rex (which, strange as it sounds, is how it SHOULD feel). The internet gaming aspect seems to be a cheap clone of Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.Net, but with huge holes in connection and hosting. There are too few missions, only ONE MISSION CHOICE IN THE ENTIRE GAME, and you can't even save before the last battle. Add in the junky save game system, the bloated software engine, and the lack of "realism" in mission design and you basically have Quake III minus the adrenaline and excitement.

    In other words, one of the world's most ground-breaking computer game lines is now just a second-rate knockoff of its former self. Thank you, Microsloth, for screwing up one more computer program I used to love.

11/28/00 - By webmaster

    Hello! Welcome to the unofficial opening of Warpbreach.com! For those of you that are new to the site, let me tell you a little bit about ourselves: We're nuts! Really nuts. In fact, you can even say that we're warped (hence the name of this site). Our goal is to provide YOU with tiny little nuggets of our insanity - small enough to consume with relative ease, but large enough to leave you feeling filled with our special brand of lunacy! To use another cliché: Enjoy the ride - its going to be a bumpy one!

    For those of you that have followed us from some of our other projects: Thank you for sticking by us! We'll be keeping the same level of chaos, but we've got the added bonus of NO LIMITS save those we impose on ourselves. Other than that, nothing should be changed.. except for the ads and sales links. That's right! We've sold out 15.86% of our soul by placing ads and sales links on some of our articles. I know a few of you aren't going to like this very much, but we really can't help it - we need the money in order to pay for this site, the domain name registration, and a number of other bills. If it makes you feel any better, there will NEVER, EVER be any pop-up ads on this site unless I personally (Webmaster) have a near-death experience and am told from beyond the grave that such things won't damn my soul to Hell. Can you tell that I don't like pop-up ads very much?

    Again, enjoy the site and feel free to e-mail me with any comments/suggestions/ideas you might have. Each individual author will have their e-mail address on the articles, but you can reach the entire staff by mailing webmaster@warpbreach.com. Till next!

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