The Excalibur of bowls - the Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl.

    It is hard to find a baking recipe that DOESN'T call for mixing. Sure, you could use that tiny little plastic bowl you ate Spaghetti O's out of as a kid to mix cookie dough in, but you'll end up getting more flour on the floor then into the oven. Every cook should have some sort of large mixing bowl used exclusively for cooking, be it made from the strongest steel or covered with Cookie-Monster's image. No matter what you've been told, size DOES matter; and in this case, bigger IS better.

R2-D2 at rest before having to serve one more day as slave labor to the royal family. Free the droids! Free the DROIDS!
    Some people would have you believe that R2-D2 is only an upside-down bowl on top of a garbage can with a midget inside. To them I say, "HA!" I mean, if R2-D2 didn't really work, don't you think Lucas and the gang would have come up with a cooler design? I mean, these guys are brilliant - you're telling me they couldn't come up with something better in the time they had if this design DIDN'T work? Next you'll be telling me that Lucas wasn't stoned out of his mind when he wrote SW: Episode I. NO ONE can watch that movie and walk away thinking otherwise.

Where to buy:

    Pretty much anywhere. Try and find one NOT covered in paint, as such bowls will flake and chip nastiness into your food when you least expect it. shopping:

Salad bowls can double as mixing bowls. This wooden salad-mixing bowl, though, costs over $30.00. 30 bucks for a piece of wood you eat out of and can't even put in the washing machine? I must be missing something.

A six quart stainless steel mixing bowl at a decent price!

Search for Mixing bowl[s] by clicking on the icon. I suggest purchasing the largest, cheapest bowl that you can find that is made out of the material you want. Other than these two criteria, there is very little difference between the different bowl types.

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