This interesting tea pot is the color of honey and covered with little bees. I like to bring it out on special occasions, like when I'm serving tea to people that are allergic to bee stings.

    Also known as a water pot, a water kettle, and a tea kettle, the tea pot has one simple function: holding liquid. Tea pots are becoming more and more rare as coffee machines (with their coffee pots) and microwave ovens are used to heat water. We laugh at the thought of replacing OUR valued liquid-holding device, though! Popping a cup in a microwave for 1 minute just doesn't have the same style as boiling a couple quarts of water in a designer tea pot. Viva la Tea Pot!

One day, a kitty was wandering around when she met...

A tea pot! This tea pot, however, was designed to look like a kitty.

Kitty said, "Hello! What's your name? Would you like some catnip?"

The tea pot replied, "..."

Kitty said, "Try this! It is very good!" So the tea pot did. At first it felt fine, but then...

"whhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." went the tea pot as the catnip disagreed with it. Steam began shooting out of it's ears as the the dried herbs reached its tummy.

Fire and chaos were everywhere! Kitty raced to the kitchen and got a fire extinguisher. Just as the tea pot was about to be consumed from the inside out, Kitty bravely sprayed it down with fire resistant foam. The tea pot would be all right!

To honor the heroic event, a statue was erected on the spot. It is guarded by off-duty lions of the Voltron team, who take great pride in their work.

Where to buy:

    Houseware stores have a decent selection of tea pots. Really good ones can be ordered on-line, while cheap ones can be picked up at almost every major department store. shopping:

A decent, stainless steel tea kettle for $30.00 (at the time of this post).

Quite possible the coolest tea pot I've ever seen (and usually out of stock). This is actually a moving carousel (and should not be used in homes with small children).

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