After raising this flag, the other pirates knew that Captain Boyardee had chosen the wrong profession.

    Meat is good. Very good. But if not cooked properly, it can give you diseases or just taste like garbage. A meat thermometer is used to test the temperature of food to see if it is cooked properly without having to cut the dish in question into tiny pieces. Since this sort of food gets VERY hot, a normal medical thermometer just won't work. Besides, trying to get a meat dish to keep those thermometers under their tongues is a pain.

Herman's temperature was accidentally taken with a meat thermometer. Don't let this happen to you!

Where to buy:

    Pretty much anywhere. Your local mall probably has a cookware store in it with designer meat thermometers, but Meier's and Walmart carry ones that almost as good at half the price. shopping:

Pyrex makes a decent meat thermometer, though generic brands are available for about half the cost.

This is nifty electronic toy called a "digital meat fork." It costs about 4 times as much as a good traditional meat thermometer. Is it worth it? Probably not, but the colored lights that tell you when dinner is done are pretty darn cool!

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