Not just any measuring spoons - these are made of STEEL! Do you know the Riddle of Steel?

    Some people like measuring spoons. Personally, I just use whatever is in the utensil drawer and guestimate the exact value, but that doesn't always work out right. If you want to be accurate, use these babies! Otherwise, don't complain to me when your meat loaf is too salty...

The Tick LOVES spoons, and look what they have gotten him: A comic book, a cartoon show, and even a live-action television series. What will spoons do for you?

Where to buy:

    Pretty much anywhere. I'm not even going to go on about "designer" spoons this time, because they're all pretty much the same. VOTE NADER! shopping:

A really nice set of measuring spoons at a great price! I love this design!

A five piece set of plastic measuring spoons. Cheap but effective.

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