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"Some say knowledge is power. If that's true, those Oog-ra fighters must read a lot..." -- Torgin


Historical Information 

The Lore of the Land, Volume 1, Abridged Edition. Record of Spurian events made by the Dragon Council of Spur. This is the "public" version, which has information removed. ZIP version also available.

News, Reports, and Correspondence

Tsc01n01.txt - The Spurian Chronicle Issue 1. Issue recovered by Happy. The first issue of the first volume of the first Spurian paper. Soros' banishing described in detail; Lyre Settsimaksimn interviewed; Slightly OOC article about the then-rampant Muatana-Al.

DFC-1.txt - DragonFire Chronicle Volume 1, Issue 1. Issue recovered by Happy. The first issue of volume 1 of the Dragonfire Chronicle. Story of Percivale Sethe and his lost love; Poem by Vladimir von Lowengraf; Finius Nimbletoe interviewed about his magic mirror; Pelethoron Brightwing interviewed.

DFC-2.txt - DragonFire Chronicle Volume 1, Issue 2. Issue recovered by Happy. The "All Muatana-Al" Issue. Account of Vladimir's life and assassination by Elgalad; Aleister's journal entries from his flight from Frontacia; The Secian and the Muatana-Al Story; journal of Lestat Monique; excellent guide to Monitanian sign language.

DFC-3.txt - DragonFire Chronicle Volume 1, Issue 3. Issue recovered by Happy. Editorial clarifying events surrounding Vladimir's death; story of Therix and Tyrishae; account of the first Spurian Governor's Games; common Muatana-Al sayings.

DFC5_1.txt - DragonFire Chronicle/Spurian Chronicle Volume 5, Issue 1. From the year 101. Selder resurrects the paper; a brief history of the Chronicle; the Clock Maze explored; Beezer interviewed; Jedico Bloodstar, Derk Myrindale, and Boniface Bigmouth profiled.

DFC5_2.txt - DragonFire Chronicle/Spurian Chronicle Volume 5, Issue 2. From the year 101. Journal of Zara'Sheen Crimsonclaw, Rumors about Erebus; Selder Firemix, Khalazzar Dyunnl, Cassandra Lightpaw, and Dolomedes Triton are profiled.

DFC5_3.txt - DragonFire Chronicle/Spurian Chronicle Volume 5, Issue 3. From the year 101. A powerful issue that includes Naghan Tirel's account of the joint Dragon and Taathian assault on the temples; a look at the Leuian Pride and the former member of the Thieves' Guild they elected as Clawmaster; and Dragons Junor Lemmsjid and Baal AkAar are profiled.

DFC5_4.txt - DragonFire Chronicle/Spurian Chronicle Volume 5, Issue 4. From the year 101. A special issue - outgoing editor Selder'a Firedrake responds to letters he received on the last issue's articles and also talks about why he appointed Lycosa the Arachnian as the new editor.

DFC6_1.txt - DragonFire Chronicle/Spurian Chronicle Volume 6, Issue 1. From the year 102. Lycosa the Arachnian takes over the Chronicle, accounts from the trip to Slaver Island, brief reports of Sinistrah's death, rumors about Guildmistress Lilly. - Chronicle Issues from GEnie. Issues recovered by Happy, R.C., and Torgin. This is a compressed archive containing the following Chronicle/DFC Issue: Spurian Chronicle issue 1; DFC Volume 1 #1-16; DFC Volume 3 #1-3 and #5-11; DFC Volume 4 #1-3; DFC Volume 5 #1-4; DFC Volume 6 #1-2.

Meetings, Logs, Captures, and OOC Info. 

Drgct.txt - Spurian Dragon Council Archive. Information recovered by Selder. This is a "complete" copy of the Dragon Council's message section from 1991 to 1996 (some messages were lost due to cleaning, but most remain intact). Both "In-Character" and "Out of Character" information is contained in this document. A smaller, split and zipped version is also available as and

vnm05062001e.txt - Version Note Meeting from May 6th, 2001. Recorded by Torgar. Vaile talks about planned changes to the game including those to Berserk Attack, Shield Parry, Dodging, Arachnian Webs, and Penthanian Body Armor.

Icons, Banners, Buttons, and Programs. 

  Torgin's Lair "Inkwell" 120x60 GIF banner/icon.

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